Pro 10000 Power Bank

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The Pro 10000 Power Bank is a powerful and stylish portable charger that comes in two different finishes, white or black. A sleek shell can be printed onto in full digital colour, allowing for bold and attention-grabbing designs, perfect for complex or gradiated logos. The power bank itself is charged via a USB-C connection, and it has a dual USB output for charging two devices at once. Sharing it’s design with the smaller Pocket Pro 5000, this is a larger, more powerful version, and the 10,000mAh battery size means i can give multiple full charges for the average smartphone, and this makes it a perfect companion for travellers, festival goers or even the average modern smartphone user.

Branding Area

105 x 53 mm

Print Options

Full Colour Digital Print


Price based on qty:1000 (E&OE)


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