Valdemar 16-piece first aid keyring pouch

Convenient polyester pouch with keyring that holds 16 pieces of first aid supplies. The kit contains a pair of scissors (9 cm), 2 skin cleansing swabs, 1 elastic bandage (4 metre x 6 cm), 2 cotton balls (0.5g), 3 safety pins (3.6 cm), 5 plasters (45×19 mm), and 2 cotton pins (8 cm). Great for travelling, festival, events, and other outdoor activities, and has a large decoration area. A first aid kit is regarded as a medical device and is governed by 93/42/EEC, based on the intended use: “diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease”. This medical device belong to CLASS I, Is.

Print Options

Screenprint, Transfer, Digital transfer fixed

Branding Area



60 x 30 mm




420D of Polyester


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