Customised Promotional Gift Sets

What about a carefully selected gift set? For every target group, for every budget, for every occasion a personalised gift set is always an option to get that WOW EFFECT from the receivers!

Forget the predictability of online shopping and the disappointment of generic gifts. Enter the thrilling realm of Merch Boxes, curated packages bursting with exclusive goodies that ignite the passion of fans and fuel the excitement of discovery.

Imagine a box arriving at your doorstep, teasing its secrets with a captivating design. Crack it open to find a treasure trove of official merchandise, from limited-edition apparel and collectible keepsakes to practical accessories and unexpected surprises. Merch boxes are more than just a collection of products; they’re an immersive experience, a gateway to a deeper connection with your favourite brands, communities, or fandoms.

Welcome Promotional Box

Thank You Promotional Box

Work from Home Promotional Box

Cost at Home Promotional Box

customised gift sets

Aurora Promotional Merchandise have been providing a complete range of branded business products for over 47 years to meet the most challenging of requirements. With over 90,000 products available to you from pens, mouse mats and usb’s (the list is endless), through to a complete bespoke campaign ‘we can do it’!

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