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1st Oct 2020

Plastic Oceans UK have been experts on plastic pollution for a decade, starting with award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean. It’s been named by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films of our time” and has ignited mass consumer awareness. Now they have engaged citizens – it’s time to solve the crisis and change attitudes. Their programmes engage multiple audiences on the appropriate use and value of plastics, as we commit to long-lasting change.

Top 10 Facts on Plastic Pollution

350 million tonnes of plastic are being produced each year. This could weigh more than humanity, estimated at 316 million tonnes in 2013.

8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. If waste management practices don’t improve, scientists predict this amount could increase tenfold by 2025.

Plastics make up to around 75% of marine litter, although this can be up to 100% at some sites.

Plastic in the ocean breaks up into smaller fragments called micro-plastics, which have been identified in commercial fish consumed by humans.

Half of all plastics are single-use applications, used just once and then disposed of.

We don’t know how long it takes for plastic to break down. It’s estimated it could take up to thousands of years to degrade.

Birds are highly susceptible to plastic ingestion. It is estimated that over 90% of all seabirds have ingested plastic.

The “island of trash” – also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been misreported. A large area of plastic debris does exists here, but a big soup of micro-plastics make up to 94%.

Plastic acts as a sink for chemicals already in the environment. The material is able to attract these chemicals and transport them long distances.

Studies show plastic chemicals can act as endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruption is linked to health effects like cancer, birth defects, and developmental problems in children.

How you and Aurora can help

We donate 5% to Plastic Oceans on our range of ECO promotional bags and other selected products. Our Eco bags are manufactured using recycled materials creating a stylish long-lasting promotional item your business can be proud to give away and associated with. For more on our ECO bags please view the video.

If you would like more information on these ECO Bags please click here for our contact form or use our live chat and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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